Candace and Imani while living their best lives.


Hello! My name is Candace, and the mini-me in the picture above is my daughter Imani.

Thank you for visiting our site! You will learn all about our homeschooling adventures here!

I started homeschooling my daughter in March 2018, and the journey has been a life-changing experience for both of us.

I became a devout homeschooling advocate when I began my journey as a homeschool instructor.


Dj and Imani at Planetarium Saturday co-op event.


My son, Dj, is still enrolled in the public school system at this time, but he does actively participate in co-op events and science lab activities.

Me, I am a working wife and mother, a graduate student, and a homeschool instructor.

This page was created to assist others like us with having a successful homeschooling experience.

We have a co-op group for caramel and chocolate families living in and around southeast Louisiana, so please join us by clicking the link below!

Caramel and Chocolate Homeschoolers

DJ and Imani at a Tech Con 2.0 co-op event.


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